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bespoke furniture

At Bombay Design Lab, we believe that furniture is more than just functional; it’s a statement. Our bespoke furniture service crafts singular pieces that don’t just fill a space but elevate it. Drawing from a reservoir of inspiration – from global travels to India’s rich artisanal heritage – each custom-made piece is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship and innovative design. Dive into a realm where every piece tells a story, resonating with both contemporary aesthetics and timeless elegance. Let us help you transform your spaces with furniture that’s uniquely yours.

interior design

Your space is a canvas, and at Bombay Design Lab, we design dreams. Our interior design service seamlessly fuses contemporary flair with enduring charm. Weaving in nuances from diverse inspirations we ensure that our designs are as unique as you are. Whether it’s a commercial establishment or your dream home, our designs not only reflect the space’s functionality but also tell compelling tales of creativity and individuality. Collaborate with us for a journey where your aspirations meet our expertise, resulting in spaces that are both timeless and evocatively transformative.

online consultation

In today’s dynamic world, we understand the value of flexibility and accessibility. This service allows you to tap into world-class design expertise from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re seeking guidance on a new project, a fresh perspective on an existing space, or simply a chat about the latest design trends, we’re here to help. It’s the perfect blend of our friendly approach and unwavering professionalism, making your design journey smooth, enjoyable, and thoroughly engaging. Join us online and let’s co-create spaces that inspire!