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Bombay Design Lab is a dynamic and innovative multidisciplinary design studio located in Mumbai, India. Founded by Rehan Parikh in 2018, the studio’s core ethos revolves around the art of enhancing spaces through a seamless fusion of interior design and bespoke furniture craftsmanship. This distinctive approach has positioned Bombay Design Lab as a creative force that transcends conventional design boundaries.

The driving philosophy of Bombay Design Lab is rooted in two key principles: designs that are timeless yet relevant. This ethos reflects a commitment to crafting spaces that stand the test of time while remaining in sync with contemporary sensibilities. This philosophy is not limited to aesthetics but extends to the very essence of design itself, where innovation is nurtured through a constant exploration of fresh perspectives.

Guided by an unwavering commitment to their clients, Bombay Design Lab works collaboratively, weaving their clients’ visions into every design. Beyond the client’s thoughts, the studio collaborates directly with Indian artisans, enriching every project with the authentic craftsmanship that is steeped in India’s artistic heritage. This collaboration not only preserves the essence of Indian culture but also imparts a unique identity to each space.

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At the heart of the company is its founder, Rehan Parikh, who honed his skills through academic excellence, studying Interior Architecture at the University of Westminster in London. Upon returning to his hometown of Bombay, Rehan wasted no time in immersing himself in the vibrant world of interior design, capitalizing on opportunities to work with some of the best minds in the industry. Through this journey, he evolved into a design luminary with a knack for spearheading notable commercial and residential projects.

Rehan’s creative inspiration is an eclectic blend drawn from his wide-ranging experiences, including globetrotting adventures, culinary adventures, and the ever-evolving world of fashion. While his design inclination tends towards the modern and contemporary, he shuns the constraints of being pigeonholed into a single style. Instead, he advocates for a design journey that thrives on embracing diversity and innovation which results in approaching projects with an open mind.