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Bombay Design Lab is a multidisciplinary design studio in Mumbai, founded by Rehan Parikh in 2018. At BDL we believe in beautifying spaces through a combination of interior design services and bespoke furniture making.

Rehan has studied Interior Architecture at the University of Westminster in London. Post his return to Bombay, he dove right into interior design with a highly reputed Mumbai firm, where he had the opportunity to learn from the best and spearhead well known commercial and home projects.

Apart from reflecting the client’s thoughts, Rehan’s designs draw inspiration from his experiences through travel, food and fashion. Although his design aesthetic leans more toward contemporary and modern design, he believes that being defined by a single style limits a designer’s growth potential and as designers we should be constantly looking at things from new perspectives. He believes in two key tenets: a design should be timeless yet relevant.

At BDL we work in tandem with our clients and directly with Indian artisans to bring their vision to life with our unique aesthetic and design expertise.


Interior Design

From conceptualization and space planning to on site execution, we can offer services for every stage of your project.

Bespoke Furniture

We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom furniture. Your space is a reflection of you and we see no reason why it shouldn't be the same with your furniture. At BDL we believe having a statement piece can completely transform your space.

Online Consultation

Remote consultations via zoom or telephone calls for any of your requirements. Whether designing a new space or product or whether it's about refurbishing an existing space, we can help find a solution that works best for you.

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